5/21/14: Lauarli Noteman

Thirft Store numbes continue to be impressive

Photo: left to right Linda Spencer- volunteer, Glenda Winget- volunteer and Deon Button –manager/volunteer, took a reluctant moment from their work station for a quick pose. The Thrift Store has three part time managers, who volunteer during their off time and 40 volunteers.
      The Kane County Hospital Auxiliary met on Wednesday, May 21 in a general session. President Emma Norton asked Mary Jensen to give the treasurer’s report for April. Gross sales for The Thrift Store were $14,269.48 which is an increase of 27% over this time last year. They had a customer count of 2149. In an economically hard time the Thrift Store continues to best itself.

         There were a few announcements and store rule changes during the roundtable. The Thrift Store will be closed on Saturday, June 14 for cleaning.  The Thrift Store will only allow Service Dogs into the store, other pets will not be allowed in the store. They have also had to post a “no dumpster diving” sign. It does create a liability exposure for the store, so they ask people to please refrain from diving.

         Hospital Administrator Sherrie Pandya was on hand to thank the Auxiliary members for all they do and let them know how much they are appreciated. Pandya also announced KCH purchased heart monitors for $83,700. And thanked them for the funds to make that purchase. They have been on site for a short time. They monitor a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure and respirations.

         Pandya also requested an additional $50,000 to purchase IVAC pumps. Earlier this month the Kane County Hospital Foundation donated, from funds on hand, $10,000 to purchase two IVAC pumps. The pumps run close to $5,000 each. IVAC, a name of a brand, is a continuous medication delivery system allowing specific medication doses to be delivered to a patient over an hour’s time.

          KCH would like to thank the ladies and gentlemen who work and donate their time to the Thrift Store. Each is committed to the store’s success. Their formula works.


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