5/22/14: Laurali Noteman

Kane County Hospital’s CANSTRUCTION

A little friendly competition goes a long way with the Kane County Hospital staff. Our Canstruction food drive was judged by Craig Hansen, Director Kane County Care and Share and Christy Torgerson, Assistant Director of the Care and Share. Winner by volume, was the Rubik’s Cube team of 20. Our Health Information Management, Business Office and Maintenance/Purchasing departments comprised the team. As with all of the displays, to look at them in the lobby it was difficult to discern what they represented. But when you look at the picture the themes were obvious. The Rubik’s Cube brought back a lot of frustrating memories trying to get those sides to match. The top layers of the canstruction were solid which brought their can count up to an impressive 850 cans. The team also donated $55.00 to the cause. Best design was taken by our, “The Crock from Peter Pan” team. The 21 member team was comprised of our Dietary, Laboratory, Radiology and Housekeeping departments. The design was taken from team member Ronny Mutchie’s daughter’s coloring book. It was fun and fanciful and a true team effort. Best Theme was by the Administrative team. The KCH logo was precariously built in our lobby archway. The four member team had suspicions the canstruction was going to get displaced and would come tumbling down. That just goes to show you Administration isn’t always right, it remained standing. But I will add we, the women, were very good at giving Stephen Howells instructions on what went where. Southern Utah Clinic’s staff created a money tree. The 14 team members donated $119 for the title of “Going Green and Keeping It Real”. The EMTs rounded out the program with approximately 45 pounds of goodies. We currently have 59 EMTs employed by KCH. These dedicated responders cover from Alton to Big Water, Fredonia to Pipe Springs, Jacob Lake, places in between and beyond. The total cash donation was $154. In Food Bank dollars which is every dollar donated has a purchasing power of $8. The equivalent in Food Bank dollars is $1392. Our approximate weight total was 1520 pounds that’s over 640 meals. The Food Bank calculates it takes approximately 40 pounds of food to feed one person for a month. All the proceeds from KCH’s food drive will remain within our service area. We, KCH staff members, would like to thank Craig Hansen and all of the Care and Share staff and volunteers for the efforts they put forward to serve our communities. They are but another example of what makes southern Utah such an outstanding place to live.


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