Kane County Hospital, in Kanab presents, Prize Photography from the Utah State Fair, part of the Utah Arts & Museums’ Traveling Exhibition Program. Opening April 28, 2014 at KCH, main hallway, the exhibit features the prize winners from the State Fair's annual photography competition.


Photography is fun! More people are enjoying the hobby and business of photography than ever before. Today it is possible to take and view instantly your work without having to wait for film to be processed.

There are numerous categories which an individual can enter their work in the State Fair. No matter what your photographic interest is, or what equipment you are using you can produce an entry for the Utah State Fair that will be enjoyed by those visiting the Photography Division. Curtis Parker, supervisor of the Utah State Fair Photography Division explains, "The photos entered into the fair inspire and challenge others to take up the hobby of photography. Even if you are not involved in taking pictures, viewing them is an enjoyable pastime. Since digital pictures can be processed in Photoshop it is amazing to see the quality and versatility of the finished product.

Curtis Parker of the Utah State Fair notes, "As the doors open to the public, it’s a joy to watch their expression when they find a ribbon on their print, but whether one finds a ribbon or not, the comment I hear most is 'I’ll be back next year’.”

To enter your photography in the Utah State Fair, please contact Curtis Parker at 801.293.0674


Prize Photography from the Utah State Fair will be shown at KCH, from April 28, 2014 to June 9 2014. Viewing is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 5:00.  Accompanying educational materials are available. For more information on viewing the exhibition, please call Laurali at 435-644-2713 or go to KCHosp.net.



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