03/16/2014: Laurali Noteman

KCH is having a food drive

L-R Char Kelly – Chief Nursing Officer, Laurali Noteman – Human Resources Director, Sherrie Pandya – Administrator, Stephen Howells –Chief Financial Officer.

Kane County Hospital is holding a Canstruction contest. Staff members will be designing canstruction (sculpture made of cans) projects and collecting cans for Kane County Care and Share.

While the building teams are between KCH staff members, Southern Utah Clinic and Mountainland Rehab, donated non-perishable food products will be accepted and passed on to Care and Share. We will be accepting donations until May 12th. There is a receptacle in the hospital lobby next to the canstructed logo. The 155 pound logo, like any good piece of art looks much better from a distance, a very far distance.

Craig Hansen, Kane County Care and Share coordinator, has explained the low times of year are the holidays and summer when the kids are out of school. So we are inviting your participation to bolster up those summer needs. Hansen also stated there is a need for high protein products.

All of the donations are distributed to area residents including Kane County and northern Arizona. Craig will be judging the Canstruction creations on May 15th. There will be two categories; best design and heaviest display. The prizes are simple – Bragging Rights for the year.



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