02/09/2014: Laurali Noteman

                Monday, February 24, Dixie Regional Medical Center instructors will begin their three day course for managing your diabetes. Kane County Hospital has partnered with Dixie Regional to bring these classes to our area. The first round of education will be held over three consecutive days via Kane County Hospital’s new Telemedicine link. This is a real-time classroom setting, offered on KCH’s campus, in which all participants will be able to ask and receive answers to their questions.  

                Those signing up for the classes and attending all three sessions will receive a free blood glucose monitor with instructions on its use, a carbohydrate counting booklet and guidelines for meals. You will also be hearing from an exercise physiologist. Instructors for these classes are: Andrea Tolman, RN, CDE, Jenessa Henrie, MS, RD, CD, and Jana Foggin, RD, CD. This first set of classes is designed for a small group but will be offered again on a regular basis. To reserve your place please call (435) 251-2888. The staff will be able to answer your questions, help with applications and schedule your class. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of the classes including Medicare and Medicaid.  If you have no insurance and are “self-pay” there is financial assistance available. You can also make arrangements for financial assistance by calling (435) 251-2888.

                At an open house Thursday, February 20 at 5:00pm in KCH lobby, coordinators and clinicians will be on hand to answer questions regarding the class, help with forms and have information regarding financial assistance.


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