1/14/14: Laurali

Warm Sock Monkeys

Kane County Hospital would like to say thank you to the Third ward for the darling “Sock Monkeys” which were hand crafted and donated to the EMTs so they would have a little something to give to children who have been involved in an incident. We would also like to thank the Fredonia Girl Scouts and their leader Kathy Cheel for the blankets they made and donated for our nursery. Our thanks go out to Kanab Middle School students as well who made blankets for our pediatric patients, Principle Luce brought them to the hospital and they were a delight to receive.

All of these wonderful gifts will help someone’s day be a little brighter and warmer. We appreciate the time and attention that went into each gift.  Knowing our young people wanted to help make others days better just adds to the wonders of living in this area.



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