01/08/2014: Laurali

Kane County Hospital is hosting a new “Healing Arts” rotation. The scheduled artist was unable to present so it’s the staff and long term care residents to the rescue. 

                We actually have an employee show scheduled in a few months. We have several employees who would like an opportunity to show their work in fact too many for one show. Some of the staff members have agreed to show their work now and share the spotlight with our residents, or are the residents willing to let staff members play along? I have a feeling they are all just tickled to have their work displayed.

                Residents who will be showing their work include, Vel Senecal, Ann Rando, Clarence Staton and Barbara Franklin. This group of seniors is something to behold and if you want to stop and chat a bit they would love to share their stories. What a treasure they are in and of themselves. They will make your visit well worth your time.

                Staff members participating in this rotation are photographs by Anna Hooper. Anna works in our dietary department and is a simple joy to be around. Pattye Weaver is displaying some of her mom’s (Sharon Weaver) work. Pattye is willing to share her collection with us at the cost of her mom killing her if she does, but we won out and they are hanging on the walls for you to peruse. Pattye is our housekeeping manager and was thrilled to show off her mom. One of our new RNs, Trevor Brackney asked me a few months ago if he could display some of his dad’s paintings. He explained that his dad likes to replicate some of the masters as well as create his own pieces. How neat, even as adults we want to brag about our parents.

                Please join us in an open house on Thursday, January 23 at 5:00 PM in the hospital lobby. Our dietary staff will be making goodies for you and the artists or their kids will be here to meet and greet you.


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